When the wooden propellers are mounted for the very first time, they must be screwed properly. If your propeller is improperly mounted or screwed, not screwed tight enough, it can not produce sufficient power and also causes vibrations and loss of comfort. The proper method of installation of wooden propellers is described below. There may certainly be other methods. The purpose here is to evenly compress the wood material by proper screwing of the bolts and avoid causing contortion towards one side.

Firstly, all of the studs should be screwed by hand as much as possible. Then, WITHOUT fully tightening any of the bolts, each bolt should be tightened only by 45 degrees by wrench. After one stud is tightened 45 degrees, the one on the opposite site should be tightened 45 degrees. All of the studs must be screwed by using the same method. Otherwise, the excessive tightening of a stud will cause deformation of the propeller. This will cause dynamic balance even in your brand new propeller.